About Us

About Us

The Coalface provides a flexible workspace opportunities and offices in North London where quality is at the heart of everything we do.


We have meeting rooms, phone booths, lockers, shower rooms, bike storage facilities, free breakfast, retro sweets and the best barista coffee and herbal tea for all our members.


If you need a London based office space fast, we can have you set up overnight as we take care of all the hassles behind running an office space so that you can work, concentrate, and focus on what matters most to your business.


Meet the Team

Jonathan Hausmann at The Coalface

Jonathan Hausmann

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan is responsible for the running of The Coalface and is the go to person for any query big or small. He is here to help and is always available to chat with you about anything.

Megan Leeks at The Coalface

Megan Leeks

Front of House

Megan is the friendly face of The Coalface, expect to see her at reception greeting all of your guests. If you need any help with post, couriers, phones, meeting room bookings or anything admin related, drop her a line.

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